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The Communist Movement Take Over Of America

The Communist Movement Take Over Of America

The progressive movement is the same as the (Communist Movement) goes back to the early 1930’s and maybe a few years and people before that. What we are seeing before our very eyes, from the schools, the WH to the Czars to Congress and Senate has been there plan from day one, the very large majority of the politicians have been placed over the years by the (Communist Movement) and now they have control of both houses, placing one of there own in the WH, Obama was the last move for the highest power in America, this allowed for them to have some one in place to appoint there Communist Czars, and judges along with many other key positions.

Simply replacing the current Administration with a Romney Administration is more of the same, they will make sure one of there own Communist Movement puppets gets elected no matter what it takes, it may not look like it on the surface but they are part of the Communist Movement also, they may not be completely embedded in to it yet, but they will be forced and left out in the cold if they do not participate and help achieve there agenda, the same with the congress and senate they have all been corrupted by the communist movement.

The only way to fix this is to fire ALL of them, and start over, that’s not going to happen EVER. This is why I say votes don’t count any more, the Communist Movement has corrupted the Left and the Right, so no matter who you vote for, you are voting for the Communist Movement its that simple.

Over the years they have slowly implemented phases 1 through 3 of their communist movement agenda, positioning people in key areas of our government, from the collages to our public schools, to our churches. They have infiltrated the media, created the Green movement, brain washing America into thinking the cheapest forms of energy are the most harmful and dangerous for our environment. They have corrupted our industry of science in the form of grants and money to follow the communist agenda and falsify their findings to We The People.

They have corrupted our children in the schools and corrupted children’s TV shows and channels with cartoons preaching communist propaganda to our children. Teaching them that every one is a winner and every one should be an equal? They teach them that social just is good, globalisum and global warming, capitalism is bad for America and the down fall of America, this is all anti America propaganda.

They no longer teach our children the difference of right and wrong, every one is equal? They no longer teach the basic life skills needed or math, English, reading, self thought and so on, its all teaching’s of the basic skills just to pass some state test so they can push them through the system to indoctrinate them and that every thing our country was founded on and our moral fiber and principals America was founded on are all wrong now, and we must change our way of doing things for the sake of America.

They have taken God out of the Schools, the home and in some cases the church; it is no longer ok to be a Christian, if you are a Christen you are not allowed to be open about it or it is politically incorrect to pray in schools, in public, the Christians have now been demonized by the progressives and classified as right wing extremist. But they do allow and promote the teaching of other religions in the public schools such as Islam, and the teaching of Sharia Law. They promote abortion, did you know that an average of 3,000 women a day get an abortion in America today? They no longer promote the family values of marriage the divorce rate in America is just under 50%.

Its now politically correct and America has excepted these changes in values, you no longer need to get married or even be involved in a relationship to have a child out of wedlock, its now available and ok to get artificially inseminated, I ask you how that child is a gift from God, when the love of God and the love of your wife or husband was not a factor in the creation of the child?
So now that America as been stripped of its founding moral fiber and the God fearing fabric this country was founded on, with all of this destroyed they move on to phase 4 of their agenda.

Phase 4 of the Communist Movements plan; create civil unrest, dependency on the Gov. to create a situation of protesting, violence, in order to create the circumstances of the population being out of control, once this 4th phase of the Communist party is in play (OWS) is just the start, it will bring on phase #5, institute Marshal Law to be able to militarily remove the disinters.

As most of you can see the OWS people are younger and are part of what I spoke about above, about the infiltration of our schools, home and moral values.

They are protesting against what? Not just the banks but capitalism its self. They chant things like kill the cops and down with capitalism. When most of them have no real idea what to replace the current system with, or have no idea what they are asking for.
Phase 5 of the communist movement, In this situation you have violence and civil unrest at a peak, at the time it peaks they then start to activate phase #6.

Phase #5 will be a bloody battle, violence and civil unrest will crawl the streets of our Nation city by city will fall into civil unrest, truckers will not be able to bring fuel to the pumps because of protesting and violence surrounding these areas in fear for there lives. Then the trucks with food to stock the shelves in your stores no longer show up to deliver for the same reasons but now they cant even get the fuel to get there if they wanted to. Did you know the average meal travels 1,400 miles before it gets to the plate on your dinner table? Think about that!

People that work for the utility company’s can no longer get to work even if they wanted to. Now the lights go out, the water is turned off and before you know it there is no one even on the radio, other than the Government, because they have planned for this situation.
Now we enter phase #6, The average people, sheep, will be screaming and crying for it to end, the murder, no food, no electric and so on.

The Government will stand before the these people pleading they have the solution, and can make it all stop, last and final stop, this is where Communism takes full hold, full dictatorship, mass murders by the Government on the dissenters people like me, and it will be ok because the sheep just want it to end.

The dissenters of the communist movement will be rounded up and relocated to internment camps, FEMA camps, hence the NDAA.
Take a look at Hitler, Stalin and many others like them and the countries that have been taken over by the Communist party. It’s the same MO every place around the world. But the American Sheep have been dumb down for the past 70 years thinking other wise.
Don’t think so, just watch, we will see all of this happen this year yes in 2012, maybe not # 6 but we are seeing #4 and #5 in full operation right now.

Revolution is just what they want, no matter what we do; it will play into their plan. They need revolution to complete their agenda.
I will be talking about some of this Monday night on the PRN radio show.


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